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  • What is a professional organizer?
    A professional organizer (PO) is someone who assists you in decluttering and organizing to help give you a tidy space therein giving you a sense of peace and calm.
  • Why should I hire a professional home organizer?
    A professional organizer works hand-in-hand with you to minimize the belongings that you don’t want anymore and edit out those items that can be donated. They help you categorize items in your possession and organize in a system that will carry you through into the future. They will help to incorporate an intentional and planned out system that works the best for you and your family.
  • What do you need to have to be a professional organizer? Can’t anyone say they're a professional?
    Well, first of all, anyone can be a professional organizer if they work hard enough. There is licensing, insurance, certifications and classes involved in becoming a PO.
  • What are the benefits of getting organized?
    There are so many benefits! The more organized your space is, the more at ease you will feel. The more systems that are in place within your every day schedule, the quicker you get through your daily routine. Once your items are decluttered, there is more space to live your life! Less time spent cleaning and picking up! More area to organize the items that mean the most to you!
  • What should I expect from a consultation?
    My consultations consist of multiple options. You may call me, text me or email me. Sometimes, I even have clients reach out via facebook messenger. I will converse with you back and forth regarding your pain point areas; those spaces that are causing you the most stress. You will send me photos of your space and I will then be able to put together a plan for our 2 hour Mini Session.
  • What takes place in the initial meeting?
    My 2 hour Mini Session involves discussing the area(s) of need, your goals, hopes and expectations. It will also include measuring out the different zones in your home for future organizational products that might be recommended. Lastly, we schedule a time to get together and design a plan for upcoming strategies and systems to be put into place for your every day life.
  • What happens during our time organizing together?
    1.) Gather: We will bring all items together in one space and put into one pile. 2.) Sort: We will then put all belongings into specific designated spots. 3.) Condense: We will proceed to move all alike items together in the same container. 4.) Distribute: We will work together to put away all items in assigned rooms/areas. 5.) Organize: Next, we will arrange all items together in desired containers/baskets/bins. 6.) Label: Lastly, we will identify all collected items and label each bin accordingly.
  • Will you work with me or just coach me?
    I firmly believe that this is a partnership. You and I will work together to sort through everything but I always give the option to work independently so you can get other things done.
  • So, what do sessions look like where you work alone?
    When I work solo, I am quick and efficient in almost any space within your home. I like to work with you first to gain a vision of what you want your space to look like upon the session completion. I will always keep you in the loop throughout the session and sometimes send a text or video your way with questions. I always sort items into 4 piles: 1) Keep (Clothes that still fit, etc) 2) Donate (Dvds when you don’t own a dvd player, etc) 3) Throw away (Old wrappers, etc) 4) Re-Zone (Cups in the playroom, etc)
  • Do you make recommendations for improvements during sessions?
    Absolutely! I love to offer suggestions and advice with every job; anything to make your life easier. Sometimes, we will utilize the products you already have within your home and sometimes, I might recommend different organizational products that will create a more efficient system within your home. I’m also happy to do research for you and send you links of items that you can purchase for our next session together. Click on the page “Rates” to learn more.
  • Will my sessions be confidential?
    Absolutely! What you and I discuss within our sessions will stay between you and I. The information you disclose to me will not go further. I believe in the utmost confidentiality. However, there are times when I ask clients for their permission if I can consult with my mentor(s) regarding their space for more ideas/suggestions/experience/etc.
  • What if I only need you for a few hours?
    You will only pay for the time needed for me to be in your home. I have a 4 hour minimum requirement and if we finish a space before that time is up, we can discuss starting on a new trouble area until the time has concluded. Click on the page “Rates” to learn more.
  • What spaces do you organize?
    From kitchens to closets to playrooms to bathrooms and more; I can work through a lot of spaces within your home. Click on the page “Home” to learn more.
  • Is this “the worst” space you’ve seen?
    Trust me when I say.. I have rose colored glasses. Where you see chaos, I see potential and am so excited about your space! I don’t want you to get a false impression of others’ homes. You can take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone in feeling this way. Even I feel the same way within my own home at times.
  • Will you be flexible and able to work around my schedule?
    Absolutely! I work during the week on Mondays and Tuesdays but upon request, I may open up evening hours. Reach out with questions and we can discuss details further.
  • How do you use before/after pictures?
    With each new client, I have a contract for them to sign giving permission to use pictures of their space for marketing purposes and/or social media. I take before/after pictures of each area that I have worked on. Using these enable me to show my skill so others can decide if I am a good fit for their needs. Overall, the client chooses if they are okay with me sharing their space.
  • When is payment required?
    In order to secure a date, 50% of the agreed upon services is due on the date sessions are scheduled. The remaining balance is due on the first session day before the start of the scheduled session. Click on the page “Rates” to learn more.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    A 48 hour notice is required to cancel or reschedule services. Anything less than 48 hours is subject to a $25 cancellation fee. If services are not rescheduled within 48 hours of cancellation, there is a $75 fee.
  • How did you become an organizer?
    I’ve always loved to sort, clean, fill bins and label things since I was a teenager. Growing up, I was known at each job for being “the” organizer within the workplace. I’d be sought out with questions of how to create a more zen place for my co-workers. I just love making a place for everything. It makes clean up faster. It makes work more efficient. It makes for less time wasted trying to find things. All in all, I’ve been researching this business for over 2 years now and was ready to jump in with both feet!
  • Which areas do you serve?
    Western Michigan. Click on the page “About Me” to learn more.
  • Do you have any training in organizing?
    I am currently in the process of taking online classes through a well-known professional organization within the professional organizing community. I enjoy bettering myself in all ways, all the time.
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