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Step 1:
30 minute 
(call, text or email) consultation


Step 2:
2 hour
mini session


Step 3:
Hourly rate
(4 hour minimum)
Professional Organizing Services


Hourly rate
Product Shopping
Item Transportation

There is a 4 hour booking minimum for organizing services.

Any hours past that are charged at the hourly rate. A 50% deposit of the estimated project completion time will be due upon booking the remainder on completion of the project. If we don’t use all the time that we estimated for the project, you will only pay for the time I am present.

1) Call/text/email me!


We will have a FREE 30 minute consultation (call, text or email) to chat about your trouble areas

and how I can help. We will then schedule a time for a 2 hour mini session.

2) Meet with me!


We will meet at your home for your 2 hour mini session. Whatever your situation, we will talk it

through together. I wholeheartedly believe that this is a partnership! We will find a way to move

forward and will chat about how you would like your space to work. I will take notes and pictures

that will help me plan for your space. We will then schedule a time for a full 4 hour (minimum) session.

3) Let’s Get This Party Started! 

($50 per hour)

If you don’t know where to start, let me help! I will work with you one-on-one through this process.

  • Gather:

           We will bring all items together in one space and put into one pile.


  • Sort:

           We will then put all belongings into specific designated spots.


  • Condense:

           We will proceed to move all alike items together in the same container.


  • Distribute:

           We will work together to put away all items in assigned rooms/areas.

  • Organize:

            Next, we will arrange all items together in desired containers/baskets/bins.


  • Label:

           Lastly, we will identify all collected items and label each bin accordingly.

4) Finish Up!

I will leave you a newly simplified space to enjoy. If you want help in maintaining your space, I would absolutely love to come back! We can work on methods together for keeping things in order to move forward.

At request,

I am happy to wear gloves and/or a mask upon arrival and during our session.

So, how does this work exactly?

Tidy Up Transformations

Simply Better with Tina, LLC

Tina Fagerman, Owner & Professional Organizer

Certified & Insured

Serving West Michigan


Facebook: Simply Better with Tina

Phone: (616) 894.4666 (Call/Text accepted)

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